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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

It has been a while since my last article: almost 1 year and 4 months ago I was writing about the power of pausing. In few words, I was exposing some benefits of pausing (either as a good night sleep or as a break taken at the right time) instead of reacting to an uncomfortable situation. Some would even replace the construct an uncomfortable situation with nerves. And, since I am a person that respects my own words, I paused. I took a break. I created space to understand my new endeavor, let it grow within my system and create its own path in my mind.

It was a period of time in which coaching slipped on 2nd place while the business role became the driver of my professional life. I was all aligned with my #1 deontology principle, stipulating that I am giving at least 100% to my primary role. Having this in mind I spent 1 year and 4 months actively contributing to the role (building a new team, creating new networks of collaboration, managing upwards and downwards expectations, creating new business and personal offerings, following through projects, developing and implementing new corporate structures and processes to increase effectiveness and decrease inefficiencies, travelling across geographies to achieve higher business goals).

Another deontological principle of mine says that performance generates loyalty. Both ways. Since 2002.

A cold November (2019) day attempted to shutter the above in a sequence of events that I will not publicly disclose for the time being. Before we go forward what is important to understand is that this is not a self-pity or blaming exercise nor is it an ask to receive comfort. It simply is an acknowledgement of a given situation and an action to understand what my key learnings and options are.

Interestingly enough, a new opportunity arose from the ashes of my professional life: I was recommended by one of my future former colleagues to some entrepreneurial friends that immediately saw an opportunity collaborating with me after some extended conversations. To date, I am not sure what was the key trigger that drove my former colleague to recommend me, nor am I sure what was the triggering driver of the confidence I was invested with by my new business partners. To tell the truth, however, I recently found it pointless to dwell into this topic to a full extent since it became obvious that there was a trust I managed to build with time. So, I simply became appreciative of their time invested into getting to know me and my abilities.

Since I did mention that this is not a pity exercise, the obvious next question would be: so, what do you really want to say? There are some key messages for me during this time and I am excited to share them:

  • Whatever you invest in you will always remain with you regardless of the name of your employer or business partner. It is of paramount importance to not pause investing in you (as small as it might seem) instead of directing all your efforts towards someone else; you never know when such a personal investment might transform everything you own or know at one point in time.

  • Remember to be grateful for what you are and what you cultivate around you. Will come back to this point sometime in the future.

  • This is a new beginning, a resuming action for something that I like. A new beginning, one that will allow me to build a new set of skills and beliefs. And I am inviting all of you to define your new journey before someone else defines it for you.

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