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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

I am not sure if you are familiar with the impact that the new coronavirus made all over the world. There are folks working from home for a month already, entire economies are significantly slowed down and a bunch of individuals already changed their habits and lifestyle...

Did you, at least, grin to the above paragraph (I mean who, at this point in time, is not already familiar with the current situation if not even significantly impacted)? Well, if you did, I believe you will find the rest of this article useful. After all, some situational but questionable humor might be appreciated in times of significant challenges.

Looking at the (perceived) value delivery model, this pandemic set a common stage for various entities (individuals and companies) that previously had nothing in common (e.g. say restaurants and psychologists or retail fashion outlets and coaches): all of them needed to switch completely their activity from whatever previous setup they used to one single version of the new truth: online. Do you want something to eat? You go online. Do you need to get a new t-shirt? You go online. Do you need a coaching session? You go online. The only constant in this realm is formed out of all entities that were online-bound before this pandemic hit Earth.

So what?

So every entity I mentioned above is attempting to demonstrate its value using the same available space: a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram picture or a LinkedIn post. Perhaps there are other communication channels out there but let's just consider these are what you need. As a side note, I assume the ad-business is doing just fabulous now. The immediate consequence is that I am seeing an increasing number of articles or posts (with your permission I will call it a flood) aimed to reach out to the audience in a way that can trigger some emotions. I mean, how many articles or even videos are you seeing attempting to ”sell” you a recipe? ”5 tips for you to do this and that”. ”10 things to try out to increase your productivity”. ”3 small things you can do to keep connected”. ”38 unanswered questions about the purpose of life”. ”Whatever advice to keep your kids away from the camera”. I can continue with such examples but I do believe you got the point already.

Now what do I want to say with this?

This is an enormous disruption from our (previous) lives for a significant number of us. We might not feel it (yet!), we might not perceive it (yet!), however it is out there and is slowly growing within us. If you will find yourself unexpectedly snapping at your kid or at your neighbor for nothing, before you consider this statement. But as soon as you start realizing this, you might be tempted to consume all available content out there that will ”teach” you how to do this and that (5 tips) or increase our productivity (10 things to try) or keep connected (3 small things) or find the purpose of life (38 unanswered questions) or keep the kids away from the camera (whatever advice). And so on. The only issue with these materials is that all of them are crafted started from a subjective perspective - meaning that whenever someone says ”X tips to achieve Y”, all these tips are relevant for a particular population that the author has either observed or is part of. Motivational articles to keep you going, to let you believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

All the above might be relevant on a statistical level but might not be relevant to an exception that might be... you. You have your own (un)employment context; you have your own marital context; you have your own parenting context; you have your own beliefs; you have your own motivation; you have your own needs. For you, the only way to increase your productivity is to want it. For you, the only way to keep connected is if you feel the need to do it. For you, the only way to keep the kids away from the camera is if you feel an urge to do so. While all the above might seem motivational resources to keep going forward, for you the only motivational message is what you see in the mirror. You. With your fears, with your concerns, with your limitations and with your own strengths.

Don't get me wrong - I am not saying that such articles are useless, I am only inviting you not to fall into a trap to spend 40+ hours a day looking for the Holy Grail in well crafted online articles or motivational messages. It might not be written out there for you.

A coach will accompany you on your path to determine your own objective and you own tailored actions. They might involve some reading, some experimenting, some other people, some failures and some learnings. And you might say I am participating to the flood I mentioned above: and you are right, I am using the online channel to get to you. But what I do different is to invite you to explore YOUR recipe and not someone else's.

If you resonate with these concepts, I am here for you. And, to keep in touch, you can use the Login / Sign-up button above or leave me a comment below. It all boils down to you.

Photo by Steven Ritts from Freeimages.

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