We are building our individual journeys every day, every minute through our choices and actions. We create unique experiences that identify us as human symphonies. All these symphonies deserve being listened to and enjoyed.

Become the conductor of your symphony. It feels great.



Passionate about learning from people, happy to see folks develop, evangelist of diversity and challenger of the status-quo, encouraging people to do things differently to achieve the unthinkable. Curious about (almost) everything, sometimes I am answering questions and questioning answers.

I love running, reading and listening to music and I aspire to finish a half-iron man race.

Proud member of ICF (International Coach Federation), living and role modelling its core competences and values.

Shaking Hands


Have your ever felt that the words you said had a different meaning in your head?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the many things you needed to do?

Have you ever planned doing this and that and ended delaying them all?

Have you ever found yourself derail from your topic into endless conversations?

Have you ever felt less pragmatic than you actually are?

I invite you on a quest to test coaching together and decide its value to you.

Legal Research and Writing


My career gravitated around people and being there for them in various capacities. Ranging from enabling customers to resolve their technical issues, to empowering team members to develop and finally to witnessing my clients' journeys, I always found joy in the learning opportunities each situation provided me with.

I have been a tech support/customer care engineer, team manager, global executive and coach and I enjoyed every moment of each role.

I embarked on this path with curiosity and eagerness to continue to learn.




In one to one coaching you are exploring your own objective or aspiration in a discreet, confidential, yet pragmatic manner.

There are no prescriptions, recipes or best practices - you will explore your own thoughts and priorities to understand and pursue them.

If you are not familiar with the process, I am here for you to experiment it before committing to it.

If you are familiar with it... well, just let me know when you want to set your appointment.


Explore the power of teamwork and collaboration. Allow your team members to become aware about their contribution to the team and understand what they need to do to improve outcomes. Be a part of your team's evolution and development.

In team coaching, each member is important in a continuous aware sharing process. 

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